Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Happy New Years Eve.

Are you happy that 2010 is coming to an end? I'm sure most of us are looking forward to the 2011. So I'll be among the first to say, Happy New Year. Now, having said that, what does that mean to you? Does that mean that you wish a year of nothing but happiness? That would be nice, wouldn't it. No more war, no more poverty, no more arguments with your spouse, no more teenage wars, no more illegal immigration disputes, no more prejudice, no more pain, sickness or death. But that isn't realistic is it?

So what do I mean when I say Happy New Year. I wish for you to discover peace in the midst of the turmoil, love in the face of hate all around you, joy in the midst of tears. But most of all may Christ, who is joy, who is peace, who is comfort, love and harmony, be the source of your strength to persevere through the unpleasant realities of the day. So...Happy New Year. May Christ lead you through the valley of death, the jungle of uncertainty until he walks you through the gateway to eternity.

So now, here's some fun places to visit on this last day of the year.

December Sites to Visit

The Orthodox Christian Network has a marvelous program today discussing Depression. Depression is a major problem that occurs during this time of the year. Mike Trout, introduces two speakers, the second of which discusses the problem of depression. You may find it interesting. Check it out at this link. OCN.

I've been encouraging folks to start a Bible reading plan for the year. Justin Taylor offers some great ideas on his blog. Follow the link highlighted here.

If you enjoy Southern Gospel Music, then you must make The Gospel Greats website and radio program a place to visit. They have a weekly newsletter that keeps you up on the latest in Southern Gospel. Check them out.

An interesting looking new book is coming out from Ignatius Press. Abortion has always been condemned by the Church from the beginning of the early church until around the middle of the 20th century when Protestant churches began to move away from the ancient belief. The value of the baby in the womb is clear in Scripture. The new book is called Unplanned, The Dramatic True Story of the Planned Parenthood leader who Crossed the Life Line to Fight for Women in Crisis. I've read of Abby Johnson and her testimony is riveting. Plan to pick up the story of her dramatic conversion.

Well, that's all for today...except for this pic from the quirky Daily Mail in London. My caption would be, Daddy, Where is this stinkin' outhouse? article-0-0C9C918A000005DC-381_634x799.jpg

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