Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Up And Coming

Occasionally I come across someone who gives me great hope in for the future of the church and great preaching. It is no secret that I believe expository preaching is the most effective way to present the gospel. The young man I ran across today reinforces my belief. Dr. David Platt is the senior pastor at the Southern Baptist Church at The Brook Hills Church in Birmingham, Alabama. If he is any indication of where the Southern Baptist Churches are heading, then there is great hope. This message is part of a series at the church and is one of the most powerful I've ever heard. It is filled with hope and for those Christians who are burdened with works oriented Christianity or deeds over creeds. In this sermon he puts the horse ahead of the cart. He shows Christ comes to serve in order that we might be relieved of the burden of feeling we have to do it all. He shows that obediences is obeying and trusting Christ to serve us enabling us to do good works. This is powerful. It's about 45 minutes of good solid Bible teaching. I hope you enjoy it.
He Came video: HECAME3_VID

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