Monday, January 11, 2010


This is a Goodbye from my blog. After several months of posting and learning about this tool, I've come to the conclusion I simply do not have time to do it justice. It has been a good exercise of writing for me to improve my skills, but I also realize my writing skills are limited. Also, I am embarking upon some major changes that involve a change in direction in my studies. As you know I've become increasingly alarmed by what I consider to be a sliding away from the foundations of our faith by the current trends taking place in the post-evangelical world. We are no longer a Christian country and have slipped into apostasy. Faith based denominations have slipped into a works based practice of teaching that has stripped the gospel, making it something unrecognizable. We don't know what we believe anymore and no one seems to care. Creed or doctrine is no longer important to the average Christian. The average Christian hasn't a clue what the Bible teaches. We have set ourselves up as gods who determine what the Scriptures teach according to our present whims and situations.
I reject this entirely. So as a result, I will be spending the next several months searching the scriptures and letting them speak for themselves to my current generation.
My non believing friends will care less. My Catholic friends will discover that, for me, the deeper you go into history, the more Catholic you become, is true only in the sense that history shows there was a single church in the beginning. But, the church began to stray into deep errors when it started to turn toward inward spirituality that focused on seeking a God who speaks apart from the Scriptures. But that is for another time.
For now, I'll say goodbye. I will return at a later date, maybe under a new blog with a new emphasis. Until then, Good bye.


  1. I am sorry to see you leave this blog, but surely understand that priorities need to be shuffled sometimes. May God bless you in your study and prayer.

  2. Thanks Pennyyak. I treasure all my friends that have crossed my path on this fun journey. But time and priority changes have overruled. I will be spending the next couple of years into retirement with an increased focus on Christ and his scriptures. That means much reading, reflection and prayer. God has been revealed to us in Christ and his scriptures. I trust his grace and faith given to me (us) is sufficient for my salvation and santification. Christ alone, by faith in scripture alone resulting in sanctified works. Works that flow from Christ through me rather than what I do to become something. He has already settled that.

  3. Rich,
    Just checking in. Hope your studies are going well. wb