Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Personal Repentence and the Ft. Hood Shootings

I must admit, I need to repent. As one who has faced losing friends in a violent shooting at my former company in the late 1980's I've always held a bit of bitterness toward mass murderers. Some of you may remember the shootings at ESL in Sunnyvale, California on February 18, 1988. I was just a few buildings away when those shootings occurred that took the lives of some of my friends. It's something you'll never forget. And this bitterness always simmers in the back of my mind especially to those who are Muslims since 9/11. But the article below is one that poked at a little chink in my armor that I know has been festering and bothering me for a long time. Do I really love my enemies? Do I lump all people different than me into the actions of one individual who has committed heinous crimes.

Read this article and see if you face the same questions. The Fort Hood Shootings and The Privelege of Disassociation.

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