Monday, November 16, 2009

Nagging Thoughts

Every once in a while I get the nagging thought that maybe, just maybe, God isn't going to do things the way I think he should. Or could it be, others just don't seem to understand that I'm right? Don't you question yourself, at least a little bit? I do. I'm always asking questions of myself.

Like, if Jesus says we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind, and then love our neighbor as ourselves, then.....why the heck can't I?
I mean, it's so easy to love my wife, my friends and my church but to love my neighbor? Come on...have you seen that jerk?

How can I love a guy I don't agree with? Doesn't he know he should think like me?

Then I get this thought, If I say I love God and don't love my neighbor then the whole mess falls apart. No unity is possible. No harmony is possible and furthermore, I don't love God. I shudder when I think that not to love my enemies tells me I really don't love God.

But...when I know they are wrong and committing grave and serious my opinion...then how can I love them? Well, does God love them in their sin?
And doesn't God consistently try to reach out to them?
And shouldn't they repent before they are forgiven?
Uh...uh oh...Forgiveness took place on the cross didn't it? Repentance is simple their choice to respond to God's forgiveness through Christ by turning to him.

Folks, I don't love God. I'm learning that to love God means I take on his nature to love others. But in order to love others, I need to fall in love with the Lover.
God is love. I can't make anyone else love. I can't make anyone else be lovers. I can't make anyone become what I think they should become. My job is to be what God wants me to be and that's to be His lover. And when I become his lover, he becomes my lover enabling me to love others. I repeat, my job isn't to MAKE someone love. My job is to love.

I'm not there yet. You'll know when I am before I do, I'm sure. But until then, be patient with me. I goof up.....a lot.


  1. I feel one of those despairing chuckles (more like a snort of exasperation) coming on. How many times have I thought what a really awful Christian I am? How can I have spent all these years going (being, praying) in all the right ways, as best I know how, and end up so far off the mark? I suspect many of us find ourselves at odds with our most cherished beliefs, at times.

    That's Abba Father time for me.

    "If anyone says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar..." - I've thought of these things a thousand times, and needed to.

    Following God - Christianity - I just don't think there is a more difficult thing I could choose to do. That I could float through this journey on a cloud! In my dreams.

    But I have my better days, too.

  2. I forgot about this. Don't know if you might be interested in this blog network, - but the author of Telling Stories that Matter joined it, and seems to have made some connections with other bloggers.

  3. Boy, am I tardy responding to these posts? I apologize. I'm so used to no responses that I let things go. Thanks for the tips.