Thursday, November 12, 2009

Musings etc

It's no secret when you read my blog that I love our Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ. Oh, we have our differences, of course, but if there is one prejudice we Protestants need to get over is our Anti-Catholic prejudices. Most of what I read that condemn Catholicism are rehashes of partial truths and downright lies. Once you research what they actually believe, you find we are more in harmony than not. And my big God sized prayer is that we someday be one in unity and love.

Having said that, I've also said that Catholics couldn't teach their faith out of a paper bag. They are horrible communicators. Their books are dense, full of Catholic shop talk that no one but them understands. And I doubt most of their parishoners understand them either. Just look at the dropout rate from Catholic catechism classes as well as major seminaries and universities. And when you figure that, in their own words, seventy five percent of their parishoners don't attend mass, you know something is wrong in their education.

But there is a slow shift occurring. In the acedemic world there are lights on the horizon that show promise. Former Presbyterian Scott Hahn is the behemoth on the block leading the way. Rather than me writing on the promising future of literature, read the Musings of a Pertinacious Papist. The blog on November 9th describes some of the bright advances that are taking place through Ignatius Press in San Francisco. You'll find this incouraging.

I would continue to argue that most of the books are still above the average reader, but that is slowly changing. Enjoy this blog.

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