Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More links To Challenge Us To Think

Some blogs really challenge my way of thinking. The following are prime examples.

Check out...
The Gospel, Old and New

Evangelicals and Catholics...a very good presentation on the similarities and differences. Chris Castaldo presents a very good arguement and one in which I find similar to my own. Read the follow on comments as well as they are thoughtful.

Feeding On Christ...If you love Reformation thinking, here's a gold mine for you to dig around in.

Required Behavior Modification and the Gospel...And how can I not bring a little balance here with my favorite Internet Monk...who is not a monk, by the way...Michael Spenser. Follow the links he suggests. It is great reading and listening.

Change of pace...
Want to listen to some music? Try Steve McCoy's suggestions at Reformissionary for some good Five dollar CD's.

That's all folks...until next time.

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