Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miscellaneous Postings

Greetings on this day in which much of the Christian world ends the liturgical year with Christ the King Sunday. I hope your day was filled with appreciation for the one who is King.

Today, I list some of the sites I found interesting today. I hope you do as well. Enjoy.

From the Protestant World

1. Ben Witherington on the Bible and Culture, SBL Lecture---Wise and Sagacious Vistas on Matthew.
2. An interesting sermon from one of my favorite Protestant bloggers, Michael Spenser, The Internet Monk. His article On Christless Preaching is a home run in my book.

From the Catholic World

1. From the New Liturgical Movement, Architectural Imagination: Russian Churches
2. If you've never heard these guys sing, you've missed out on a treat. Read about them here in the article on the World of Mysteries website, We trust in the Lord but we still take pills for our health, say classical stars The Priests.
3. From the Vivicat blog, Today's the Solemnity of Christ the King. (some interesting historical explanations here.

From the Anglicans

1. Want an Advent tag for your blog? Try this at Liturgy by Bosco Peters.

Well, that's it for today. It's a slow day today. But this will keep you busy for a while. In the meantime check also check out, The White Horse Inn, one of the best Reformed sites I've seen. Listen to the podcasts and read the articles. It is filled with rich, rich stuff. In the same vein check out Stand To Reason a great site by Reformed apologist, Greg Kouki. One more on the new Reformed views, Reformation 21. These guys will challenge you to think. Great meaty stuff. On this site, particularly check out, Is Idolatry the New Sin? -Reformation 21. It is a blockbuster article and one that needs to be read more than once. I know that I've made some of the mistakes this author spotlights. This is a good one.

As you can see there are tons of choices here. My intent is to find common ground. It's not easy, but it's there.

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