Thursday, November 26, 2009

Know What You Believe and Why

Recently, I have taken a bit of a curve. I am on a quest to see the love of God active in my life. But I also know that love is based upon truth. That's the whole idea unsaid in the great commandment of Christ to love God, love others. The premise is first to love God, we must know Him. And to know him we must know what the scriptures say about him. That's the first half of the love command. He brings to fulness of meaning to all the scriptures, the law, the psalms, the prophets, what we call the Old Testament. In order to know him, we learn...learn about him from these scriptures. And the New Testament highlights the old by completing the picture and showing how what we know in Christ is practiced. Without the Scriptures, we are blind to the particulars about God. Without the Holy Scriptures we cannot grasp the fullness of the love of Christ.
So in light of that, I remember an old title I read many years ago early in my journey by Paul Little called Know Why You Believe. It's a classic and a master piece. It's still available and can be purchased at Amazon.
Today, theology and doctrine have been cast into the shadows and as a result we are casting around a lot of shallow experience related belief systems. Just love and others and God will take care of the rest. Well, a half truth has caused a lot of bad doctrine to be taught. Love is the primary focus of the gospel. But that truth is based upon important truths that keep the idea of love in harmony with the love of God. So as a result teachings bordering on outright heresies are being taught.
I know that's not popular, but truth sometimes is hard to take. So, what's my point? Take time to think and don't get sucked into this idea that doctrine and theology are not important. Turn off the television, your computer, your Ipod, or whatever and do some hard thinking. I'm doing that only because I realize the we live in a world that is crumbling into major confusion and disintegration. I know I must know why I believe what I believe.
So, long story cut short. Go to the New Reformation Press and listen to to great lectures. Craig Barton Esq. gives a great lecture on Why Defend the Faith At All. It's a block buster.
The second is an Introduction to Apologetics by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt. It is one of the best talks I've heard on the subject. Both these guys are Missouri Lutheran guys and are dead on.
If you are not used sitting any longer than 15 minutes listening to talks, stop every 15 minutes and try to write down what the guys just said. If you don't understand listen again. These aren't "Dick and Jane" first grade books. They are meat not milk. Folks, it's time to grow up in our faith. These guys will provide good stuff to grow on.

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