Friday, November 13, 2009

Contemplation...AT WORK???

If you have ever studied and practiced meditation and contemplation, I'm sure it has been in relation to solitude, adoration, quiet places or just simply being alone with God. But have you ever realized that work can be a place of contemplation? Yes, I mean bringing Heaven down here, as my pastor puts it, right into the chair I sit at in front of my computer at work. Or maybe you're driving a bulldozer ripping out the walls of a building that is being destroyed. One of my favorite author's St. Josemaria Excriva, founder of Opus Dei, gave his life to making "Heaven Come Down Here." His books illustrate over and over again that Christianity is not just a look into the Heavens for inspiration, but that it is also a mission here on earth. Our daily activities are an act of worship. Read this article Work and Contemplation that appeared on the Opus Dei website a few days ago on November 4th. It is very well done and can be helpful to Protestants and Catholics alike who want to put feet to their faith. Enjoy...and contemplate.


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