Monday, October 26, 2009

Three Different Sites To Enjoy

Some links I found interesting today.

1. Jared Wilson gives those of us in the American Church something to think about on his site The Gospel Driven Church today. He reposts his 95 Thesis for the American Church, Part I. It's worth reading.

2. Why would an Anglican Priest want to convert to Catholicism? Jeffrey Steel provides that answer in his interesting article on his blog De Cura Animarum. So if you wonder what drives a man to leave what he loved, read Jeff's reason which is probably multiplied by hundreds of Anglicans now contemplating leaving their church for Catholicism.

3. The next link is one that links to a pair of sermons heard on the Ancient Faith Radio programs heard on the internet. Fr. Stephen, an Orthodox priest refers to a pair of sermons (homilies) by Fr. Thomas Hopko, one of the leading Orthodox scholars and priest of our day. Fr. Hopko presents a fascinating discussion in two sermons on the Wrath of God. Listen to these sermons and be challenged to a viewpoint few of us ever hear. Go to Fr. Stephen's blog Glory to God For All Things and follow the links there.

That's it for now. That should keep you busy.

Enjoy until next time.

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