Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Blog

Occasionally, I love to tweak the noses of my fellow Protestant brothers and sisters by highlighting Catholic and Orthodox blogs. I know some feel I'm too Catholic friendly by that's O.K. One of my personal missions in life is to bridge the gap between my Catholic friends and Protestants to develop a positive dialogue and foster (here's the nasty word) ecumenical understanding. The latest First Things magazine has a great article highlighting this effort to find common ground on the subject of Mary, the mother of our Lord. Read it, it is quite good.

But the blog I'm highlighting today is a new one to me. It is called The Catholic Key Blog. It is often filled with ensightful stuff and worth looking at from time to time. This blog is one of the voices in the Kansas City/St. Louis diocese which is noted for its conservatism and faithfulness to God and the church. Folks, there are some fantastic born again brothers and sisters in the Catholic church and they deserve our ears. So enjoy the blog and let them know your thoughts.

And, just leave a note here to let me know you have read my little blatherings. That's what the button is for.

Time for me to move on....God bless!!

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