Wednesday, October 28, 2009

95 Thesis Part III (and others)

I'm continuing to point you to Jared Wilson's website this week as he continues his 95 Thesis For the American Church Part III. Here are 19 more on the Evangelical Church and its congregations. Enjoy...again

Once again I turn you to Michael Spenser and his Internet Monk website. Today he tackles the big problem we have in many of our churches as well as in society. Men who abuse women are on the rise everywhere. It's all too often seen in our churches, especially those who misinterpret the scriptures that talk about the husband being the head of the wife. This article is hard hitting and to the point. Men, if your are belittling your wives...stop it. Stop it and get help. There is no excuse for a woman/wife/child abuser. Read When Bad People Need A Crutch. It's good.

Can Protestants learn anything from Catholics? You bet! Read this article and listen to Mark Brumley on the Ignatius website. Mark discusses The Handbook of Catholic Apologetics by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli. I have an earlier edition of this book and it is good. Enjoy.

Finally, a bit of non-religious techy stuff. I own a 24" IMac at home and absolutely love it. Now Apple has gone one step better and come out with a well priced 27" inch model that makes mine look like an antique. Well, not really, but with the new LED screen it "looks" really, really good. Read about it, especially if you want a great trouble free computer. Go to the Mac Daily News link here and read about it, if you haven't already.

That's it for today. Until tomorrow where I'll contine bringing you the 95 Thesis list.....

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