Tuesday, October 27, 2009

95 Thesis Continued

Yesterday, I linked to Jared Wilson's blog The Gospel Driven Church where he began his article, 95 Thesis For the American Church Part I. Today, He continues with Part II. I encourage you to pick up on where he left off. He has some good things to say.

For some years now, I have questioned the young earth theory promoted by many evangelical creation research folks. For many, it has become a measure of your faith. I've heard comments saying our Christianity should be held in question if we believe in evolution or an old earth theory. Well, I'm not a scientist so won't make scientific claims, but the young earth theory just doesn't make sense to me. I'm one of those who believes the Bible is wasn't meant to be a scientific text book but rather, a book revealing God and his encounter with us to restore us to himself. I don't believe the Bible and science conflict with each other when read correctly, and I believe they complement each other. I am firm in my belief that God created the universe. He spoke it into being. The process or how things developed is up for question. Again, this is my personal opinion.
Today, Scot McKnight reviews a book on this subject which you I find intrigueing. The title of Scot's blog today is Evolution and Evangelicals...What Are The Barriers? I encourage you to read this most interesting blog as he reviews a survey done by Bruce Watke, an Old Testament scholar. I hope you enjoy it.

Have you ever wondered what Pope Benedict is all about? What is he really like and what does he really believe? Carl Olson, a reviewer and apologist for St. Ignatius Press highlights the introduction to the book Christ Our Joy, The Theological Vision of Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict is one of the leading theologians of our day who has received a lot of negative press, but continues to have tremendous influence. He is making enormous strides toward bringing the church back together as seen in recent moves with Anglicans. Read and enjoy.

Then, there is one of my favorite writers Michael Spenser. He always challenges me, entertains me and when he has me laughing sticks in the pin to bring me back to reality. Today, he highlights Three Push-Button Words that get him going. Enjoy the Internet Monk. He's worth listening to on a daily basis. Download his Imonk broadcast on Itunes and get a Kentucky accented dialog on what is happening in today's world. Read his blog today and get all the links needed.

Finally, maybe, I don't like Reformation Sunday. Rather than being a triumphant celebration we Protestants celebrate on our separation from the errors of the Catholic Church, I see it as a prime example of failure. We failed to maintain unity in the gospel of peace. And we have been dividing ever since, fighting amongst ourselves over our personal denominational "traditions". Stanley Hauerwas, the Gilbert T. Rowe professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School speaks to the failure of the Reformation. His message on the tragedy of the Reformation is highlighted on the Call to Communion blog. Before you crow about being a reformed Christian read this article. It may make you angry, but it ought to make us all, Catholic and Protestant, hang our heads in shame for the splintering that has occurred as a result of the reformation. God have mercy on us for our constant fighting amongst our selves. We need to repent and seek unity with Rome where we are all one with Christ, with the liberty given us in Christ. Read...for God sake...read this one.

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