Monday, September 28, 2009

Shifting Tides

Once in a while I hear a message that is one of those that carries a great deal of significance.
If you are an evangelical, you NEED to listen and watch to this message. We had an unusual service last Sunday when our pastor John Ortberg shared the pulpit with one of the most influencial men of our generation, Gary Hamel. Gary is a member of our church and recently spoke at Willow Creek for a major conference on church leadership. In a time when the Christian church faces unparalleled challenges this message is a must. Whether you agree with Gary or not, you have to admit we are facing the greatest crisis in since, perhaps, the reformation. I've mentioned often how the evangelical church has lost it's identity. Gary backs that up. So enjoy this message "Shifting Tides". Click the link and sit back for a rough ride.
If you are one of my Catholic friends, come along and listen over my shoulder at something that you are facing as well. Masses of Catholics have left your church to join the Protestant church. I know many Protestants are moving in direction of the Catholic church as well for its richness of tradition. But the numbers of those joining the Catholic church can't compare with those leaving your church simply due to the enormous size of the mother church. You are in crisis too. Your parishes are suffering for the lack of priests. We all face this together.
So let's all listen to Gary's message and then probe our hearts to see what the Spirit is telling us.

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