Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great Magazines

Greetings again. I'm back from a delightful and restful week at Lake Tahoe. My wife and I spent most of the time visiting a few of the tourist shops on the North Shore and then the rest of the time was spent doing absolutely nothing. I had lots of opportunity to get some reading which for me is a vacation in itself. We had a great time visiting the beach where all we did was read and relax. Is there anything better?

Well, I'm not going to share what I read on vacation, but I do want to share some good reading. But this time it isn't books. I want to recommend some great magazines that are well worth your time. The first I want to mention is the leading evangelical magazine, Christianity Today. This is the first Christian magazine I subscribed to when I was in college. There is no better magazine for reading on what is happening in the Christian community. It is well written and covers a broad range of subjects. It is the magazine to go to when you want to know the latest in theological thought, church growth and evangelism. If you are a Catholic, they are largely Catholic friendly, at least many of the authors reach out a warm welcome to Catholics, although you will find it is largely critical of Catholicism. Christianity Today is evangelical as opposed to fundamentalist although there are writers who one can call fundamentalists.

The next magazine I highly recommend is a little known journal called Credenda Agenda. This is a very intelligent magazine, highly intellectual with a distinct classic Protestant understanding of the faith which is mainly Reformed thought. It is a publication with authors primarily from the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches. So it's theology is very much filled with reformation theology. It is tough stuff to read, but well worth your time. It is a good source for all those interested in good solid reformed theology.

The next magazine is a Catholic theological and philosophical journal called First Things. This superb periodical was founded by the late great, Fr. John Neuhaus and is the premier Catholic voice addressing the theological and philosophical issues of our day. It is very much for the serious student of religion and is a very accurate and fair journal. It is the Christianity Today of the Catholic world, only more theologically oriented. Protestants and Catholics alike read this journal for it is Protestant friendly. Fr. Neuhaus and Chuck Colson worked tirelessly together for many years to provide a bridge between Catholics and Protestants. It may be hard to find on the newsstand. I've have seen it at Borders and Barnes and Noble. This really should be on your coffee table.

Another magazine I read is one published by the giant Catholic Apologists out of San Diego, Catholic Answers. The magazine is called This Rock. It is perhaps the foremost magazine on Catholic apologetics and evangelism in the nation, if not the world. Folks, these guys are good and do their research. This rock covers a multitude of topics from a Catholic perspective. It will absolutely destroy many Protestant myths regarding Catholicism. Protestants would do well to read this magazine as we have many incorrect ideas of what Catholics believe.
You'll find their faith thoroughly biblical and sound. I'd include any of the authors who write as profoundly Christian, born again believers. You may disagree with them on the finer points of doctrine, which I do from time to time. They post all back issues after a few months delay. Visit all the years and enjoy. Karl Keating is the founder and has surrounded himself with the best of the Catholic Authors of our day.

I haven't mentioned any of the Charismatic journals, primarily because there is so much error taught in those circles. Almost any of the early church heresies that forced the formation of the early church councils can be found in the modern charismatic community. I realize there are many good sound people in that world and I will highlight some of them from time to time. But for far too long we have tolerated teachings that rip apart the soul of the gospel in this movement. In particular, the health and wealth gospel commonly taught in some major churches of our day. I choose not to give them a spotlight, at least not in this blog today.

Well, there you have it. I've tried to be fair and quote some obscure news network...
Catholics need to learn that not all of us Protestants are antagonistic toward them and we Protestants need to learn that much of what we believe and the Bible we read came directly as the result of the hard fought battles and bloody sacrifices of the Catholic church. I hope you read some of these magazines. You will be richly rewarded.

Until next in unity amidst our diversity.


  1. While I appreciate the elegance of First Things, what would I know about the church at large without Christianity Today? I'd be asking, Emerging Church? Emerging from what?

  2. I'm chuckling Pennyyak. Emerging Church?? I keep asking the same question. The "Emerging" church describes a whole spectrum of movements that are very much in disarray. The Evangelical church is morphing into a lot of different animals that have yet to be identified. I think it will all shake out sometime, but not for a few years yet.

  3. Yes, I must admit, the whole thing is in no way entirely clear, no matter the # of articles I read.

    But definitely interesting. I wonder what we'll see in 20, 30 ... years (if we live that long).