Friday, August 21, 2009

Tornado...God's Judgement...NOT!!

I'm not a big fan of Greg Boyd, but he's dead on on this topic. I think he's right about John Piper on this issue. Sometimes we Christians say the stupidist things. Greg puts it all in perspective. See his blog on Did God Send a Tornado to Warn The ELCS? It's worth your read.


  1. I surely do appreciate his comments. Living in an area that (too frequently in recent years) hosts large number of hurricane evacuees, from Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi usually, I wince when certain conclusions are drawn.

    Oh, and that description has been up there since your blog's inception? Well...eagle eyed I am not.

  2. Michael Spenser, the Internet Monk says pretty much the same thing on his blog today. It's good too.

    But then, I say dumb things too...WoW!!

  3. LOL - will check with michael's blog. Have a good evening.