Saturday, August 22, 2009

Robert Novak, RIP

Robert Novak, fiery conservative columnist passed away this last Tuesday. Whether you liked him or not, Novak left a mark that will never be equaled. He was a giant in the news business. A relentless investigative reporter with a nose for a story no one else was finding. He was someone who would get under you skin, make you angry and leave you with your mouth open when you discover he was right. Oh, there are those who will hate him, call him names and curse him until the day they die, but there is one thing that can't be said about him. And that is that he was lazy. Far from it.

No one worked harder at his craft than Novak. Novak teamed with Rowland Evans to produce one of the most successful news teams in the business. Novak stirred up fire with his reporting of the Valerie Plame spy scandal.
People who worked with Robert report that he expected the best from himself and from those around him. The explosive relationship he had with Evans is well recorded. They fought like brothers but embraced each other as close friends. He had a temper, but that temper was only lit when he felt someone wasn't doing their job.

Novak was Jewish, but late in life, converted to the Catholic faith in 1998. His conversion was profound and changed him forever. He still was the fiery journalist, but his thirst for God was relentless. He was open with his faith but not showy. He felt his work demonstrated his faith.

Novak has entered eternity. I believe he is in the presence of our Lord because of his faith. He was a saint with clay feet. Earthy but faithful to his Lord. Only God knows. I'm not his judge. But people far worse have made it into the heavenly kingdom. Just read the Bible for those scoundrels that made it there. Novak was a saint compared to some of them.

And now...a bit of a mea culpa

Wow.!! There I said it. fingers sped ahead of my brain in my last post. I was speaking of those little phrases we Christians often substitute for using the Lord's name in vain or actual swearing. How "wow" got into that list is a mystery to me. But then again, let's look at attitude. Sometimes we'll use slang, swearing or what we used to call, "Baptist" swearing to emphasize a point. The attitude is the same as if we say a cuss word.
Now...I know, I know...minor sin. Right? No big deal, we all do it. No big harm, no big foul. (almost wrote fowl)...Anywhoooooo, God isn't going to love us any less and we aren't going to be booted out of the assembly line to heaven. But, attitude is something we may want to deal with.

If it's a minor thing then just tell the Lord you goofed. He knows it, so simply admit it. He isn't going to ding you for that. If it's major, tell the Lord. He's big enough to wrap his arms around you and tell you he still loves you and has already forgiven you. You may have to do some apologies or fixing up the harm done, but even that is healthy. Catholics call that reparation. We Protestants simply call it confession and repentence leading to doing something to repair the damage done.

When it's all said and done, swearing or "cussing", use of slang is simply lazy speech. It's a filler for something that could be better said. So "Let your speech be always filled with grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may be able to give an answer to anyone." BBE In other words, use words that edify. I need that lesson daily. I'll bet you do too.

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  1. C-Span played an interview with Robert Novak. In it he said that if he could write a novel, which he wished he could do, it be titled Mercenary and would be based on the life of Ernst Von Mansfield the Roman Catholic mercenary who sided with the anti-Hapsburg forces during the 30 Years Wars. This is the equivalent of saying the he's a Knight of Malta siding with the Templars. A Roman Catholic with enlightenment ilk siding with the Judeau-Christian....predomiantly Puritan Protestan... Westerners.

    And there you have a HUGE window into his soul and psyche. Even though... as for example, in the Valerie Plame affair....he was dead wrong.