Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well, after over a week away from my blog I thought I'd better update it. After my tongue in cheek, so to speak, message last time I thought I'd better get back on track.

I'm transitioning. I don't know what I'm transitioning to, but I know changes are coming. One of the things I promised God and myself was that I would not get stuck into a rut or one way of doing things. I've spent nearly 10 years now studying theology, primarily Catholic theology, because I have so many Catholic friends. I wanted to be able to speak their language and even think in their thought patterns. Along the way, I've gained a great deal of appreciation for the faith, history and dedication of those in the Catholic Church. They are not the bride of Anti-Christ as many Protestants accuse them to be.

However, I've also concluded that there are many things in Catholic teaching that I just can't accept. Not so much the theology. Once I understood the "stock language" I realized they believe pretty much the same things I've been taught in my Protestant heritage. I think what really has kept me from accepting the Catholic concepts hook, line and sinker have been many of the "rubrics", the rules that actually become slavish to absurdity at times. But I respect those who live by them.

Now to my transitions. Like I said, I have been embedded in my thological studies and personal piety for too long. I've reach a point where I have to unleash the dam or else I will stagnate. Once of the things I've learned along the way is if there is not praxis, no transferring of my faith to involve the lives of others, I actually start moving in reverse. Or it seems that way. Because I'm no longer moving forward and am stuck in one way of doing things, the world and the church start passing me by.

My first clue was my resistance to new ways of doing things. You could chalk that up to the fact I'm reaching what is lovingly called "senior citizen." The older we get, the less flexible we become. Thankfully, I've had a good church that has constantly kept me from growing into a log. So, like it or not, I'm going to transition in order to go where God is moving. I don't understand it all yet, but I'm willing to learn. After all, I know I have gifts that can be used for God and he has the power to make them effective in new and exciting ways.

Some of us at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church have signed on to a new descipleship program that welds the best of theology, psychology and technology. It's called Monvee. A number of churches across the country are signed up to this new emphasis that could give a whole new meaning to "making desciples." Research the above link and you will get better idea.

My blog will become less oriented to theological statements and more to explorations into areas of new ways of teaching old concepts that the church has believed for centuries.
So join me in this journey of faith as I try to keep from being a fuddy duddy senior, but one alive and ever growing into a vibrant relationship with God through others.

Subject change...
While I was in San Diego last weekend, Rev. Frank Vanderzwan, our pastor to seniors, gave a message on God, Our Comforter. If you ever want to hear a great message on how God comforts us and uses us to comfort others, I encourage you to listen to or watch his message at the MPPC website. You will be blessed. Just check out the message on Comfort.

That's it for today. Please forgive me for my late postings. My days seem to be more and more filled with activities. Stay tuned for...transitions.

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