Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Polemical Flatulation

Polemical Flatulation. Doesn't that just roll across your tongue and pass across your lips? I wish I could take credit for it, but once again, it's a phrase I borrowed. I think my thoughts are always a condensation of someone elses. My friend Dave Armstrong used that phrase on his blog and it just seemed such a great description of a lot of the hot air that passes for information on the web. How many times have you read someone railing against someone else on a forum with what seems to be highly intelligent arguments, but you know in your mind of minds, they haven't a clue where they got the idea in the first place. You know when someone who has no background in ancient languages and history is just filling the void with air bisquits by quoting every writer they've ever read, usually from one single slant of philosophy or religion.

Now, we all do this. I confess, I'm a professional at gathering information from others to use in my stuff. I admit to not being an authority on much of anything. At least I admit it. Many of these gas bags would much rather throw around their degrees even though their background is nowhere near the subject being discussed. We call these people, "Know-it-alls."

These folks can be very dangerous. On the internet, I'd call them the "Silent-but-deadly" polemicists. You can't hear them, but their printed and unspoken words speak loudly and can destroy others. They are ready to "drop a bomb" on the first person that says something they disagree with. The net calls these folks "flamers". These colonic calliopes will blast a poor person into oblivian just to prove they are the biggest and baddest cheese on the forum.

I saw one of these in action on one of the posts recently where an earnest Anglican Priest had gone swimming in the Tiber to become a Roman Catholic. The blast from the bottom dwellers was deafening. I've never seen such unChristian rhetoric in my life. It wasn't because these people were trying to save this man from self destruction on the steps of the Vatican. It seemed they were more interested in stumbling over themselves to destroy a good man who had made a long thought out decision to throw everything he had ever worked for to pursue what God was calling him to do. You can disagree with his theology if you wish, but we Christians seem to have a bad habit of fouling the air every time someone goes against our theological house of cards.

I think it's time we change our diet and begin eating from the table of the Lord. Maybe we might find the world being attracted to the sweet incense of Christ in our lives. The essence of Love can cover a multitude of sin's rollers.

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