Saturday, June 27, 2009

Speak the Truth

I read this quote this morning from the Catholic Education Resource Center (CERC) site.

"Shortly after being made a bishop in 1969, Edouard Cardinal Gagnon was in conversation with Pope Paul VI who told his new bishop:

"Error makes it's way because truth is not taught, we must teach the truth whenever we see something which is against the truth. We must teach the truth, repeat it, not attacking the ones who tell errors because that would never end; they are so numerous. We have to teach the truth."

Cardinal Gagnon writes:

"He told me truth has a grace attached to it. Anytime we tell the truth that is in conformity to what Christ teaches and what is being taught us by the Church, every time we say the truth there is an internal grace of God that accompanies the truth. He said error does not have grace accompanying it. It might have all the external means, but it does not have the grace of God accompanying it."

It's a message for our time. - J Fraser Field"

I read this quote and thought it was so appropriate to consider when reading all the stuff on the web. We are bombarded with a host of different ideas, variations of beliefs, theologies and heresies. Yes, I said heresies, that forbidden word that can't be used in many of the "new" evangelicals. After all, we must "love" one another and not offend. Well, excuse me if I say, that is a bunch of bunk. Love sometimes hurts and sometimes divides. And truth spoken in love will sometimes hurt. A good example of this can be found in Mark Driscoll's powerful message on Doctrines From False Teachers from his Trial series from the books of Peter. I don't think there is a toe he doesn't step on there, but it is all truth. I encourage you to listen to the sermon and follow along with his notes. Mark's sermons are long...45 minutes to an hour. But they are full of great theology and truth. I urge you to listen to this sermon as our modern church, both Catholic and Protestant, is being literally ripped apart by false doctrines that have their roots in early church heresies.

I know this may be hard to believe especially for those seeped in the term love, but this is a message of love with steel knuckles.


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