Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plug for a Friend

Friends, I'm breaking in the middle of my discussion to plug the website of a good friend of mine. This week is really hectic, so haven't had time to study and develop much of a commentary.
David Armstrong is a well known Catholic Apologist. He and I have debated, discussed and otherwise wrangled with each other over the Catholic faith. I've developed a great appreciation for his knowledge and devotion to the Catholic Church. He studied under the great Fr. John Hardon, one of the great priests of the 20th Century. Dave is a convert from Protestantism and is an able defender of his faith. His books are numerous and very interesting. (I have nearly all of them, I think. His favorite method of teaching is using the Socratic method of questions and answers, debates with often times imagined opponents. However, even though he may be debating an imagined opponent, he tackles questions common to people looking at the Catholic faith.
He is also the staff apologist for Marcus Grodi's Journey Home website and continues to grow in his faith and love for our Lord. Dave is a sound, solid born again believer and a great asset to the growing apologetic movement in the Catholic Church.
There is a renewal occuring in the Catholic Church and Dave is one of it's leaders. Check out his website at You'll be challenged, but you will also learn what the Catholic church really teaches as opposed to many of the false accusations, distortions and downright lies fostered by many Protestants against the mother Church. Dave hasn't convinced me, but he has given me a great respect for him and the RCC despite all her failings.

P.S. his books please!!! A man's gotta make a living you know, and his books are worth the price.


  1. Is your blog list growing (on sidebar), or am I seeing things? So hard for me personally to sort out all the good stuff and narrow it down. Fortunately, not all the blogs I read publish every day, and some I just glance at, depending on the content.

    Yours, however, I actually read every time.

  2. Yep, I keep finding interesting stuff to share. Thanks for your support.