Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Tragedy

Yesterday, a four month old baby died. What made it news? The father of t he baby apparently was in a rush to get to work and forgot his little boy was in the car. Daddy was to drop the boy off at a friends house who regularly babysat for them. But daddy, somehow got caught up in his own little dream world and forgot about his son. The boy was locked up in daddys car all day. Now, it wasn't hot here yesterday, but warm enough for the car to approach 100 degrees which was deadly for the little boy.
When the boys mother went to pick up her little boy, she was shocked to discover her baby was not where he was supposed to be. I don't know what prompted her to go to the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station but she decided to go there to look for her boy. Put yourself in her shoes when she found her husbands car and discovered her little baby inside dying from heat exposure. The tyke died from the heat.

This tragedy is happening more and more. It seems daily, if not weekly, we hear of parents who somehow "forget" their child is in the car. And so they leave the poor infant to die a horrible death. But that is not what hit me as tragic as it is. What hit me even more was the outrage.

Now, I understand the outrage. We ought to be outraged at this kind of thing. What kind of parent would ever, ever forget that a member of their own flesh and blood was with them? The news media is all over this. Talk shows are filled with angry voices at the parent(s) who allow something like this to happen. I'm angry over this kind of carelessness.

But, stop and think. Isn't this a bit hypocritical of our society? Isn't this a natural result of a society that puts little value in life? Isn't this the natural result of a life philosophy that which says all we have is the days we live and then after that there is nothing? Isn't this the natural result of that nihilistic philosophy? Isn't this the pattern of all society, down through the centuries that considers children as commodities or objects to trade, barter or a way to measure how successful we are? Isn't this the natural result self centered thinking that demands that everything and everyone meets my own personal needs, desires or pleasure?

What kind of thinking is it that says we can abort (kill) millions upon millions of pre-born infants and think nothing of it, yet gots all hot and bothered when one little boy fries in a hot car?
I'll tell you. It doesn't come from Christianity. Or at least, it doesn't come from God. The natural man left to their own world, devices, wants, wishes will always, always turn to self destruction and ultimately death making decisions.

Christianity is about life, love, respect for others. Babies are God's gift to us and are precious in his sight. Over and over again in the scripures we read statements like, "You knew me in my mothers womb." Considered the treasure in Elizabeth's womb who jumped for joy when Mary came to visit her. That little baby inside of her was touched by the Holy Spirit long before he breathed his first breath. And consider the words of Jesus who said in a society that looked at children as mere tools or commodities of little value, "Let the little children come to me."

Jesus says that he came to give us life, and life more abundantly. Life is the message of Jesus. Not death. We who follow Christ have a message of life. We put value on life, not death. Oh, sure, we who profess Christ have our death messages. We've made ourselves a stench at times. But Jesus remains the same. He is life and his message is life. When we follow him, life gains purpose. We live for life. Our children have hope and don't need to fear a purposeless death. Parents who follow Jesus treasure their children, because they know that they are precious for who they are...children of God.

What is our answer to this tragedy, to this mother? We weep with you dear mother. Your child was precious and it is a tragedy he had to suffer this horrible death. But there is hope for you dear friend. Your baby is in the arms of a loving saviour and will never suffer again. He lives and is probably skipping around laughing and singing with our Lord. I know that probably doesn't do anything for the hurt and anger. But hopefully, someday, a light of love will shine on you and you will experience a living Christ and a church, a group of loving Christians who will enfold you, love you and give you hope for a future at the end of life where once again, you'll hold that precious child of yours in your arms.

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