Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Frolics

Hey folks, it's Wednesday, the 13th.  The first day of my vacation.  I'll be offline for the next week and a half so this is it for a few days.  

I have a few fun places to check out today.  First, for all of you who love old timey radio shows, here's a great place to get them.  Radio is a great source of old shows.  Check it out and listen to some samples.  You may find a show that you remember.  (for those of us who are older, that is)  Remember the Shadow?

And if you like Southern Gospel, check out Southern Gospel First.  There are tons of links to great foot stompin' music.  Also check out Southern Gospel News.  It has more good stuff.  And of course, one of my favorites, Paul Heil's Gospel Greats, a cool weekly show heard on stations all over the South and on the internet.

For a change of pace, Scot McKnight has been doing a great series on Justification on his Jesus Creed blog.  It's worth a read.  Check out also his reviews on the controversial issue of gays.  He's been reviewing an explosive new book called, "Love Is An Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Communities.  I must confess, I wrestle with this often.  Just how do I minister to gays in love without driving them away from Christ.  I can tell you I'll never raise a placard against them.  It's a tough question we in the evangelical church had better come to grips with.  

Have you ever been rude to your spouse or encountered a rude neighbor.  Warren Baldwin a minister from the midwest has written a fine article on his Bible Fountain Blog called Rude Neighbors..Character Development.   It's a long but well worth read.  

Then I discovered David Rudel's website, Fire in the Bones.  Man, is this guy ever good.  Check out his blog today, What is a Christian?  David is a mathematician and you can tell.  But his research is nothing but mind blowing.  Read it slowly and then ask yourself, Just how do I evangelize?  I'll bet you'll rethink some of what you say to the unbeliever.  

Now for something light stuff.  It's almost Father's Day.  Want to get something cool for the father who loves to fish or hunt?  Check out one of my favorite places.  Bass Pro along with Cabelas are my two favorite places to find cool fishing stuff.  Also check out the food on Cabelas.  They have a great selection of seasonings for all you BBQ's.  Check 'em out.  

And now...a big sigh of relief.  My internet and phone lines went down in the middle of this draft.  I think I lost my sanctification for a moment or two.  At least I'm sure my wife thought so.  I didn't know if this had been saved or not.  But...thankfully, good old AT&T discovered the problem was on their end, nothing was wrong with my line and Earthlink was not at fault.  And, thanks be to God, my draft was saved.  Now...gotta work on that attitude problem I get when sudden irritations arise.  Gee...thank God the Anti-Christ didn't show up about that time.

I'll see you in a week or so.  I'm off to the great Northwest for some R&R.  

God Bless


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  1. Richard,
    Hey, thanks for plugging Bible Fountain. That article is a long one, but a few people have read it. R & R in the Northwest ... my family loves going to Wyoming and Montana. I have a son in Bozeman now. Have safe and refreshing trip.