Saturday, May 9, 2009

Interesting Links-One graphic in content

I'm piggy backing Scot McKnight's recommendations today.  Check out Jerrod McKenna's Sojourner blog on Mark Driscoll, St. Francis, and the MegaChurch.  It's a good one.    Thanks to Scot for pointing this one out.  I'm not a super fan of Sojourners, but they are often right on when it comes to peace and justice issues.

My next link is totally out of the realm of our faith.  But, I think there is a life lesson here.  It's cruel, graphic and hard for us soft westerners to grasp.  But this lesson from a 21st century primitive man can teach us a lot about persistence.  Warning...this is graphic and not for the squeamish.  Thanks to the internet guru, Kim Komando for highlighting this video.  

Back to mundane matters.  In case you haven't noticed, there is a war going on in the Catholic Church for its survival.  There are a small number of people who are intent on bringing revival to this creaky, ancient Church.  Check out this May 4th article.  What Does the Prayer Really Say?  It highlights the divisions going on.  And you think Protestants are divided!!  Thank you Jeff for bringing this to my attention.  

Just another thought...ponder this...If the Eucharist is NOT the body, soul, blood and divinity of Christ, then the Catholic Church is the greatest fraud ever devised by man.  Take away the Eucharist and the whole Catholic church disappears.  But if the Eucharist IS the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ, then maybe we Protestants need to take another look.  Maybe we don't have to accept the doctrine of substantiation to believe it...maybe???

Think about it......ta ta


  1. Hi, I just read your comments on Amy's post(Walking in the Spirit) on care for orphans. Good comments. I appreciate the story of your church's work with the needy. God bless.

  2. Richard, this war (in various guises) in the Catholic Church has been going on ever since I was a member. And that was 21 years ago. All of it is a lot more obvious with the internet, although of course it existed before that. Sometimes I am disturbed, and jump on a bandwagon, but it dies down in me. I just keep trying to walk that narrow path, with many mistakes. What's a regular Christian to do? I can just keep my eyes on Jesus, keep learning and growing and changing. Renew myself with prayer and repentance. See what holiness looks like, as shown to me by those who have done it well. Try to do likewise.

    I know there must be a place for all those voices, whatever side they are on. I've listened to many of them. But afterward, I'm still left with my every day life to live, drawn by mercy to live out the great commandment. Arguments come and go (and I have been known to argue - believe that). But Jesus never changes.

    As is usual, I'm encouraged by your writing. The Sojourner post was great.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Warren. Actually, the AIDS kits were only part of a multi-team effort we called Compassion Weekend. No services were held at any of our five campuses. We had ministry teams doing the AIDS kits, others restoring a school in a poor area of town needing many repairs and refurbishment. Many brought food bags for one of the local food pantries. There were ministry teams visiting nursing homes, shut ins, some working with Habitat for Humanity and a host of other activities.
    We are hoping that out of this effort there will be people who will sense a calling for social justice ministries to those who need it. I know of one small group who are talking about adopting a school teacher and helping to supply her with whatever she needs to teach her classes.
    It's more than sitting in the pew. It's the body in action.

  4. Hi again Jeff. Wise words. That's all we can do. Focus on Jesus and let him work out the details.