Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life, From An Orthodox Perspective.

Today, I want to point you to a couple of interesting sites that reveal how God is working in lives of our Orthodox brothers and sisters.  We tend to think that our tradition is the only tradition were God is working. But God is no respecter of persons.  His Holy Spirit works where he chooses and where hearts are open to him.  
So enjoy and learn something from these precious people.  You may be surprised how you are uplifted by their words.  

The first is Molly Sabourin's blog site, Close to Home.  She is daughter of John Maddex, former head of Broadcasting for Moody Radio, founder of Ancient Faith Radio, a popular Orthodox internet broadcasting network, and now CEO of Conciliar Media Ministries.  Molly is a columnist for Handmaiden, a podcaster for Ancient Faith Radio and author of "Close to Home: one orthodox mother's quest for patience, peace and perserverence."  You can also view "snapshot's" at her Shapshot of the Day blogsite.   There you'll see an Orthodox mother living her faith with her family.  

By the way, if you've never listened to Ancient Faith Radio, you've missed out on some of the best examples of Orthodox music and teaching you'll find anywhere.  
Enjoy Molly as she shares her faith.  

The second blog is Glory To God for all Things, a blog by Stephen Freeman, an Orthodox Priest from the St. Anne Orthodox Church in Oakridge, Tennessee.  Fr. Stephen is a former Anglican and is quite popular.  Don't get turned off by his rabid pronouncements that the Orthodox church is the only church.  But do get turned on by his joyful exaltation of the person of Jesus Christ.  His series on Christianity in a One-Story Universe are nothing short of brilliant.  You can also find this long series at Ancient Faith Radio go to Itunes and enter his name to access his programs.   Enjoy his blog and also listen to him at Ancient Faith Radio.

Well, that will keep you busy for a day or two.  Have a great Third Week of Easter.  Or if you're are Orthodox, Enjoy your "Thomas" Sunday.

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  1. Greetings in Christ, Richard!

    Thank you so much for kindly recommending my "Close to Home" post!

    I appreciate your continual petition to God that He might broaden your horizons. I pray for the strength and the discipline to do likewise. This is a wonderful blog - thoughtful and informative! Blessings to you!

    Molly Sabourin

  2. Thank you Molly. One of the things I'm learning in my journey with Christ is that is grace is far greater than I ever imagined. I see him working in the discipline of all the major Christian faiths. So keep up your good work and I'll do my best to be faithful to God's calling on my life as well which is to see the church as one body in Christ.

  3. Say brother, please remove my name from the subscription; I get enough e-mail from my own blog (let alone another blog!). No offense.