Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Week

I can see I'm off to a rousing start. I've had 100 percent viewer coverage so far...ME! Maybe that's good. I'm stilling trying to figure out this monster and how to put all the links together to make an attractive and interesting blog. So far, it's been a total flop. Oh well, I'm listening at least. If someone eventually stumbles across this creaky effort, be kind and understand I'm on training wheels at the moment.

Well, we have just entered Holy Week. Yesterday was what my Catholic friends call, Passion Sunday. The rest of us call it Palm Sunday. I'm not worried about the difference. It's just the same thing with a different accent on the syllables. So, what is so special about Holy Week, some may ask. Shouldn't every week be Holy?

The answer is, of course! But this particular week has been set apart (that's the meaning of holy)by the church universal as an opportunity to recall the wonder of God's grace and love that was given to us through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has become, for many, a legalistic exercise of duty that has destroyed the glory of this grand event. I don't think Jesus ever intended for us to use it as a proof that we are spiritual people because we did something to commemorate his life.

No, in response to his love, we as members of his body, respond to his love by doing as he said and love him for his great sacrifice for us that frees us from sin and bondage our own righteousness. I set aside this week out of all the weeks of the year, to join the millions of other members of Christ's body to honor our Lord and Savior. He gave of himself that we might live in him. For that reason alone, I set aside this one week out of the year to thank my Lord for makeing me alive.

But I don't leave it there. I'm one of those Jesus followers who observes the Christian year and follows the life of Christ throughout the year. Not for my own personal gain, but simply because I'm reminded each day of something in the life of Christ that has had a profound effect on my life. I'm not bound to the liturgy of the year, but I follow the traditional seasons laid down for us by the church over the centuries as an aid to raise my focus to the reality beyond my senses.
I know this is not normal anymore for Protestants, but if you are aware of anything going on today, there is a driving need growing among Christians and Protestants in particular to return to some of the practices of the ancient faith.

I'll have more to say on this on later posts but for now, I encourage all my non-liturgical friends to take at least a look at the liturgy that has been around for generations. For many, formal prayers are dead prayers. As for me, I've discovered a wonderful communication with my heavenly papa, son and Holy Spirit through the formal prayers and hymns of the ancients. When personally applied and meditated upon, you may find that a whole new window to heaven will open. And that window will lead you to see the Kingdom of Heaven that is here, now, forever and always. Always available to the heart willing to believe and trust our lord to speak to us in action, thought, word and deeds.

Finally, totally off the subject, and to expose my quirky nature. Congratulations to Carrie Underwood for winning Entertainer of the Year at the Country Music Awards bash. I'm not a big fan of Carrie's and would have preferred Kenny Chesney but she's worked hard for her award. Now if only some of my older favorite artists could somehow win the big one...

And baseball seasons opens this week. Go Giants and A's. And for my Internet Monc friend, Good luck with the Redlegs...they'll need it.

God bless and pass the matsos.

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